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this morning in belmont, massachusetts. paul ryan cast his ballot in janesville, wisconsin. joe biden checked the box for the obama ticket in his home state of delaware. you will remember, president obama voted early in chicago back on october 25. but today, it's really up to you. in this hour we'll check in with carl cameron at the romney headquarters in boston. plus ed henry with the obama camp in chicago. we'll tell you which states to watch, when the polls close and what is at stake in each one of them. plus, we'll run down reports of voter fraud and intimidation. hope you stay with us for the hour. the way we'll do it, run to the swing state and start with virginia. bob, what is going on in virginia? what is the latest? >> bob: it depends on the turn-out in the northern virginia. democratic stronghold. the other issue is how big they turn out in virginia beach and hampton road area. promilitary. obama did very well down there last time. he won't do as well this time. >> eric: can i point something out? the stock market rallied very, very strong today. a lot of people saying what is going
: mailing it in. >> bob: one of the all-time lows occurred yesterday when paul ryan got on conference call with the christian coalition and said obama was leading us down a path away from judeo christian religion, one of the most obscene comments i have heard. if they resort to that, face it. that is inexcusable. >> greg: did he accuse a candidate of killing somebody? >> bob: i don'tthe obama did that. >> kimberly: there goes bob's frontal lobe again. >> dana: suggesting revenge half of the country when obama said it friday. >> eric: joe biden said romney would put you back in chains. >> greg: i don't approve on either side. >> dana: we'll talk about the gallup poll in another segment. >> greg: now? >> dana: you don't have enough time. >> greg: why did you bring it up? >> dana: it's called a tease. >> greg: directly ahead, campaign carl cameron. we have a new strategy to win ohio. on election day, you'll hear what it is, upcoming! ♪ ♪ >> tomorrow, we begin a new tomorrow. tomorrow, we begin a better tomorrow. this nation will begin to change for the better tomorrow. ♪ ♪ you know th
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)